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Joinery/Furniture Kitchens
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We are bespoke builders providing the complete service.

Everything from the construction itself to joinery, furniture, sound, lighting systems and finish is uniquely designed and created for you, so your taste and style is seen throughout the build. Our designs are not limited to modern styles or those from the past, they are simply a reflection of you.

It is probably more evident in the joinery photos how different some of our designs are and they will not be seen elsewhere. They are one-offs, special to each customer.

As the oak framing and brick arches illustrate, we are able to make the structural elements of the build become aesthetically pleasing to the eye, rather than being hidden away, as is so often the case in modern building. We employ the best craftsmen so the standard and quality of our work is excellent and complicated structures are made by us as standard. We have Cabinet makers, French polishers, artists and sculptors available to work at the highest level.

We aim to maintain the best standards of the past, and create the highest standards of today